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Welcome to BlastFM Security

BlastFM Network Security

BlastFM Security Systems has been created as a central system for blocking/banning users on our networks.

This website is designed as a front end so that users can get some information about our company and systems but most of the work is done by back end systems that are not visible to website visitors.

BlastFM Security systems may use several methods to prevent access to our websites. In general, rules that are created by this website automatically migrate to our other websites so that we can easily manage and distribute blocks/bans throughout our networks.


These methods may include, but are not limited to, IP address restrictions, both IPV4 and IPV6, email address restrictions, domain name restrictions, wildcard word/phrase detection and restriction.

We reserve the right to use any methods at our disposal to prevent abuse of our many websites/servers/systems.


All of our Indie radio station servers use Fail2ban to protect the ports of any services that we might be running and in addition we also have developed our own system which can ban an IP address IPV4/IPV6 or a group of IP addresses CIDR and migrate the IP address information to all of our Indie radio stations automatically.


Get banned on one and you are banned on them all.




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